Centrum Informacji

i Edukacji Ekologicznej w Gdańsku

  • Centrum Informacji i Edukacji Ekologicznej w Gdańsku
    Centrum Informacji i Edukacji Ekologicznej w Gdańsku

Centrum Informacji i Edukacji Ekologicznej w Gdańsku

Pomorskie Parki
Edukacja dla przyrody
Poznajemy drzewa i krzewy
TRADYCYJNE OGRODY przyjazne naturze i krajobrazom
ZAMIEŃ NAWŁOCIE na malwy przy płocie
Owady zapylające w ogrodzie

 The Centre for Ecological Information and Education has been established on the basis of an agreement between the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship (administrative region) and Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdańsk. The Centre works in accordance with the Act on Access to Information on Environment and its Protection and has overtaken tasks of a former Regional Centre for Ecological Education broadening its tasks with information activities. Regardless of changes in name of the Centre its activities have last since 1993.

The Centre is located on ground floor in one of the old houses in the Old Town of Gdańsk, which makes this place easily accessible for visitors. The basic resource of the Centre is a very well developed library containing publications related to environment, encyclopaedic items and atlases, as well as materials describing rich nature and differentiated landscape of the coastal region and other regions of Poland. There is a number of magazines and periodicals related to ecology available in the centre. There is also a set of video films related to environmental and ecological issues, which can be borrowed or watched in the Centre. The centre has also a record of air quality tests (updated every hour) performed in the area of TriCity (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia) and Tczew (small town next to Gdańsk) by the ARMAAG Foundation.
The entrence to the centre
We acquire, elaborate and give the access to information on sustainable development of natural environment in Pomorskie Voivodeship. We also established and manages the website 'Information for Pomorskie citizens on sustainable development and condition of environment' - www.infoeko.pomorskie.pl.
Please, feel invited to come and make use of Internet and other resources in electronic form. There are several computer desks with Internet access and access to updated thematic databases in the Centre. The beneficiary of the Centre is everyone interested in the environment, and especially pupils, students, and teachers dealing with environment.
Computurs available for visitors
Training for teachers
We prepare and give classes and organise workshops for pupils and youth from elementary and secondary schools developing their knowledge and interest in nature and ecology. We support creation of individual programs on ecological education.
We organize trainings for teachers, employees of local authorities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on different topics and issues of ecological education and environmental protection.
We also prepare an information bulletin - 'Green Bulletin' updated twice a month and published on our website.
For several years we have been organising competitions, which are very popular among pupils and other addressees. These are the following:
'Zielone Pytanie' (Green Question) published monthly in a local newspaper 'Dziennik Bałtycki' and on our web page - addressed to everyone.
'Bęc jabłkiem w głowę' (Stroke with an apple on head) - a competition for pupils of primary and secondary schools.
'Zaproś gości do swej miejscowości' (Invite visitors to your town) - a competition promoting the knowledge of advantages of local nature and tourist advantages in our region, addressed to primary and secondary schools.
We promote artistic and cultural activities related to ecological activities, and inspiring people to behave environmentally friendly in different aspects of life.
Workshops for children
Training for teachers
We create a periodical information service on actual ecological events and actions in the region, as well as on the Polish and international institutions related to environmental protection.
We coordinate Urban Green Days (Miejskie Zielone Dni) in Pomorskie Voivodeship initiated by the DG Environment of European Commission. We co-organise with the 'Club of Roads' Gentleman' annual actions: 'Drzewko za oponę' (A tree for a tyre) and 'Drzewko za akumulator' (A tree for a battery). We support numerous auctions and ecological (related to nature) competitions performed within the area of our voivodeship.
We provide a professional support to institutions and everyone interested and acting for protection of environment.